Do trustees have special priviledges?

Many trustees do an excellent job of being involved in the running of the building in which they own a unit. They can be called concerned citizens and are a blessing to any sectional title scheme. Some trustees and owners are a pain in the neck. They demand that their view is the only right one. I am sure that we have all experienced them and their 8 page missives at every meeting where they demand attention to items that have been finalised years ago. These people, however, are sometimes good for a building as they notice things that other people tend to overlook.

The real problem is the trustee who has ulterior motives. This is often an owner who lets out his unit and feels that they are “owed” the maximum rental income with the minimum expense. They will do everything to reduce the levy to bare bones and do minimum maintenance. The other type of trustee is one who intends to sell their units in the foreseeable future and wants to be able to demonstrate a low levy to any buyer.

The other problem trustee is one who just wants to be able to do his or her own thing. An example is where they become a trustee so that they can approve a change or extension to their unit, organise a portion of the garden as an exclusive use area, or be able to run a business from their unit. These people are even more dangerous if they are loud and pushy and able to intimidate other trustees. Sometimes trustees will impose their particular likes and dislikes on other owners when, for example, they decide that they do not want their Sunday afternoon sleep disturbed.

Trustees need to be careful not to fall into these traps without realising it. Retired trustees will be looking for the quiet life and will be unhappy with children running and playing ball games in the gardens, while young trustees with children will feel that this is essential. All trustees must remember some basic rules. One; a trustee represents all owners, not a segment of owners. Two; that they must be fair, reasonable and even handed in their working with owners and tenants.

Article written by: Mike Spencer – Bloemfontein

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