Repeat of March Jhb roadshow talk – last chance!

Due to popular demand, Cherie will be presenting her March road show talk one last time for those that never managed to attend the national road show. The talk is free and all are welcome to attend, especially those that wanted to bring a spouse / child / friend to hear the message.

The talk is the first of a fabulous three part series, which will change your mindset, change the way you do business, & equip you to earn unbelievable money. Cherie will blow you away with 2010 red hot trends & the massive opportunities they bring for our industry. Get involved, get informed & get rich!

Additionally, every attendee will receive a full deck of “Cherie Power Cards”. These 48 full colour cards will prompt “New Economy” actions to unleash outrageous fortunes. Don’t miss out!

CITY: Johannesburg
DATE: Wed 14 April 2010
TIME: 10:00am to 12:30pm
VENUE: Head office
REFRESHMENTS: Tea / coffee
ADDRESS: Building 1, Design Quarter Shopping Centre,
c/o William Nicol & Leslie Road East, Fourways
DIRECTIONS: Visit Cherie Club website
RSVP: (011) 467 8889, 084 9090 100,

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