Build business relationships

If business is built upon relationships then we are not in the business of selling houses, cars or computers, but rather the business of building relationships. Our aim should be to build relationships with people that get to know who we are, what we do, that we are successful and where to find us.

Set up systems in your business to capture and care for these vital relationships. Keep in touch, offering valuable, informative information while you push them through your system. Don’t sell to your clients like a pushy salesperson would; rather offer such world-class service that they buy from you. It’s the same result at the end of the day, but the long-term results are different. Protect these relationships because ultimately they are your business (the rest is just stuff).

– Business is built upon relationships
– Relationships are formed by other people’s opinions of us
– We do not have any control over other people’s opinions
– How does one build a business based upon relationships if we cant even control the outcome (their opinions)?

This highlights how fickle relationships are and how we should therefore protect and nurture them.

Cherie Eilertsen

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