Pointers to build a dynamic property website

Now you may already have a comprehensive property website, which is doing the job for you and your team, but is it really driving traffic, developing a reputation and generating sales and results. The following suggestions are guidelines to fine-tuning your website to generate optimum results.

An Estate Agency website design should include the following:

Search box – A user can click on a drop down list of your area, select a price range, house type, number of bedrooms etc.

An advanced search facility – If a user does not get the desired result they are looking for, consider an advanced search facility. View Google’s version of this on the right hand side of their logo on their home page.

Keyword search – If your website is well populated with information, articles etc. You might want to include this facility to speed up the searching process of a user. Remember that they don’t want to read your entire website – they just want results and they want them fast.

Route finder – This is a detailed “line for line” explanation on how to find your offices

Map – This is a general map outlining the area, roads etc.

Newsletters – To build reputation, consider offering a regular newsletter on information in your area. Give them information which they can use or benefit from like the number of sales in your area, the average price and the number of sales your company made.

Mailing lists – Encourage readers to join your mailing list. This is called permission marketing as they want to be contacted by your company.

Survey – A great way to estimate readership is to offer a regular survey on your website. Once you have received the feedback remember to post in on your site for all to view.

Enquiry forms – This form feed will cost about R50 extra per month to have on your site, but is is well work it as people are able to enquire about a specific product. This encourages a two-way chat, which are the building blocks of sales.

Most recent listings – This facility on your website helps regular readers go straight to the new stuff on your site.

Previously sold properties – Build that reputation with a paper trail of your past successes.

Customer testimonials – This facility is not negotiable.

Property forum – Consider joining or starting your own property forum as you learn from the experts in real time. Google forums for more information on this communication tool.

Booking an appointment form – When you get appointments via this facility, you know that they are serious clients.

Bond/currency calculator – This tool helps keep reader on your site for longer and keeps them coming back to use the tool.

Saved property searches – In order to save your reader time, add this facility to your website to help them refer to what they have already viewed.

Ensure that your website has easy navigation as the reader will want to locate the property of their choice as quickly as is possible. Some facts and figures in the form of articles will convince a potential customer that the agency is knowledgeable in the property market.

Cherie Eilertsen

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