Business zoning made easy

When zoning business property, there are four clear sub-divisions.

Business 1:
This is the zoning one would use if you planned to build shopping centres. A great advantage of this category is that it is generally unrestricted. The developer would be allowed to have almost any type of shop on the premises using business 1 zoning.

Business 2: 
This is also a form of zoning for a shopping centre, but it comes with certain restricted businesses. An example of this would be due to the location or immediate surroundings of the shopping centre, a restriction may be placed on opening a pet shop or a bottle store.

Business 3:
This is a much more strict form of zoning, which will not allow a wider variety of businesses to open and operate in the centre. Do your homework before applying for Business 3 zoning.

Business 4:
This is the last category for business zoning and it does not involve shopping centres. Business 4 zoning provides for office use (with or without residential use). This type of zoning has become very popular within urban centres around SA. These office parks typically accommodate small to medium sized businesses.

An example of this would be a 4 000m² property with the usual 40% coverage and 0.4 floor area ratio. One could place a maximum of 1 600m² under roof. Assuming the developer has been allowed a maximum of two storeys, the developer would typically build three double-story office blocks of 530m² each (1 600m² divided by 3). Each block could be further split into four office suites of 132m² each.

by Cherie Eilertsen

Property zoning for business

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