Understanding colours for business – part 1

The choice of colour in business has more of an impact on an individual than immediately meets the eye. Different colours symbolize and can change moods, feelings and actions, which can all be used to enhance the message being sent out.

One often reads of people being green with envy, down in the dumps and feeling blue or seeing red with anger. Psychologically, colours change even change ones appetite. So, colours add to the image created in our minds and it is no different when viewing a website or company logo for the first time.

                                        WARM COLOURS
The colour red grabs the attention of people and is one of the most powerful colours available, symbolizing fire, passion and love. It can raise blood pressure, motivate people to take action and shows strength. It can also symbolize anger, war and fighting. Pink on the other hand represents the calmer feminine side of beauty and romance.

This colour represents warmth. The colours of autumn come to mind and even though orange carries many of the positive attributes of red, it has a more calming effect. Orange can stimulate the appetite and represents health. Just think of the packaging used for vitamin supplements.

Yellow represents warmth, light, freshness and sunshine. It also symbolizes energy associated with hope, but can be linked to weakness.

These colours generally make a positive statement, so consider using them in your website and logo designs. The fresh, warm and powerful statements of these colours could easily represent a long-standing company with strong traditions.

Part 2 of 3 will cover the cooler colours and how they have been brought into the corporate world for a more reserved and professional look.

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