Don’t be an Ostrich in 2011

Online businesses will enjoy a catchment which offline businesses won’t match. Don’t be an ostrich in 2011. The internet is not going away. Twitter & Facebook are here to stay. Social media provide a fun way to grow your businesses. Embrace these free platforms & see them as a resource. Ostriches bury their heads in the sand. If you do that in 2011, you will be left behind. Local billboards, newspaper ads & other expensive, old fashioned brand tools make way for free, online tools which are quick to learn, menu driven & offer international 24 x 7 exposure. Lets invest the time required & redirect the future. Remember…

  1. A sure way to survive the recession, is to give yourself more chances to win.
  2. Invest a little time each day becoming adept at using tools like Facebook, Twitter & Blogs.
  3. The internet provides a worldwide catchment area at the press of a button.
  4. Become a blogger.

Enjoy the journey. Change direction. Tomorrow is different.

by Cherie Eilertsen

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