Is conventional advertising losing Power?

As like minded people gather on social networks & share opinions & stories, so the power of conventional advertising will be diminished. Prior to making a substantial purchase, consumers are more likely to seek the opinion of a friend on facebook or at a dinner party, rather than to rely on the information provided by a conventional advert. The car you buy, the cell phone you upgrade to, the estate agency you use, is more likely to be prompted by the response of your friends, than the advert you read.

I see a tomorrow where your facebook post aks your friends what they think of a certain car/ how they would rate a Blackberry against an i-phone etc

Savvy brands will move to experiental marketing techniques, which:

  • delight consumers
  • trigger conversations
  • provide referrable service

Lets move our focus to meeting these criteria,

by Cherie Eilertsen

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