by Cherie Power Coach on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 12:25pm ·

The school systems, the world over are letting our children down!

Surely a fundamental benefit for the ridiculous school fees being charged, would be that learners leave the system (12 years later), able to generate an income for themselves? All over the world, I read alarming stats of school leavers who simply cannot and will not, be absorbed into the workforce. The hockey captain, rugby hero, prefects and head boy or girl of today, may well become reclusive young adults, simply too battered by the rejection of countless job interviews,.

Surely our children should leave school, able to turn R1 into R1.10? Surely the system is failing when your matric certificate IS NOT ENOUGH TO GET YOU A JOB!

It breaks my heart to see domestic workers using their hard earned pennies, to pay school fees, in the misguided hope that if their children get an education – they will get a job. In South Africa each year, hundreds of thousands of kids matriculate. A pitiful handful of these are absorbed into the formal sector. Shocking!

Parents, teach your children to add value in exchange for opportunity. Teach them to put their hard earned matric certificate behind their backs, & still be able to give the employer a reason to employ them.

Lets rescue the kids….one by one

Cherie Eilertsen

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