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Time to Upskill…

March 25, 2013

In the “old days” (30 years ago), the Skills which we gleaned in our 20’s could carry us through our 35 year career.

No more! New skills are needed for the journey ahead. The everchanging vista of today’s business world, requires constant upskilling, if we are to stay current & employable.

Take time to sharpen the axe! Make time to acquire a 2013 skill set. It is different to the skills which you needed in 2010.


Stay Current & Stay Employed!

by Cherie

Where to from here?

January 18, 2013

where to

We live in such a fast paced environment, that it is often hard to see the wood for the trees. If you are at at Crossroad in your life, this may help you to make a decision: S.O.S

It stands for:

  • SITUATION (What do I have now?)
  • OBJECTIVE (What do I want?)
  • STRATEGY (How do I get it?)

A simple, yet powerful strategy to mobilise yourself in the right direction

By Cherie


November 18, 2012

If Social Media is stealing too much of your day, it may be time for a clean up. You have several options:


  • De-clutter your inbox by OPTING OUT or UNSUBSCRIBING from newsletters & companies which do not interest you
  • Set fixed time for catching up on Social platforms like facebook/pinterest/twitter
  • Close Social programs after you have visited, in order that you don’t have message windows poppping up all the time & distracting you.
  • Prioritise your daily actions to avoid losing hours on Social Media

by Cherie


September 19, 2012
by Cherie Power Coach on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 12:25pm ·

The school systems, the world over are letting our children down!

Surely a fundamental benefit for the ridiculous school fees being charged, would be that learners leave the system (12 years later), able to generate an income for themselves? All over the world, I read alarming stats of school leavers who simply cannot and will not, be absorbed into the workforce. The hockey captain, rugby hero, prefects and head boy or girl of today, may well become reclusive young adults, simply too battered by the rejection of countless job interviews,.

Surely our children should leave school, able to turn R1 into R1.10? Surely the system is failing when your matric certificate IS NOT ENOUGH TO GET YOU A JOB!

It breaks my heart to see domestic workers using their hard earned pennies, to pay school fees, in the misguided hope that if their children get an education – they will get a job. In South Africa each year, hundreds of thousands of kids matriculate. A pitiful handful of these are absorbed into the formal sector. Shocking!

Parents, teach your children to add value in exchange for opportunity. Teach them to put their hard earned matric certificate behind their backs, & still be able to give the employer a reason to employ them.

Lets rescue the kids….one by one

Cherie Eilertsen


September 7, 2012

There is a new economy out there! It is a Barter Economy. It works like this:
I have a skill or service which you require… you have a product or service that I desire. We agree the parameters whereby we will to exchange or barter our services. No money changes hands. No invoicing. A simple & elegant mutually beneficial transaction! Don’t you just love this post recession economy?


August 21, 2012

Don’t depend on your boss nor the company that you work for, for job security.

You may be on a retrenchment list, after years of loyal service.

Rather, depend on the people who buy what you sell. When this switch happens, you become undownsizable & the Master of your own DESTINY!

Build powerful relationships with your network of clients. Continually add value to their lives until THEY appoint you as their Problem Solver in your field of expertise.

Powerful stuff! Powerful long term results!


August 15, 2012

Not everyone has what it takes to be successful in sales.

Authors Greenberg, Weinstein and Sweeney reveals some disturbing statistics related to sales professionals:

55 percent should not have been hired for a sales position 

25 percent are selling the wrong product or service

20 percent produce 80 percent of the sales 

To be happy, productive and successful in sales, a person must have certain key qualities such as competitiveness, persistence and sales drive. Do your sales people meet these criteria? Are they en-route to being top performers? How do you move them from mediocrity to being rainmakers?

Perhaps you need to get some good sales coaching!


August 7, 2012

Our paperwork skills used to make us employable in the old bureaucratic marketplace.
In today’s wonderfully interactive, highly networked, & connected world, it is no longer our ability to do paper, that makes us employable, but rather, our ability to do people.
How good are your peoplework skills?
Do you keep in touch, do you keep a database, & do you add value to the lives of the people in your network?

If not, start today. Your people/friends/connections/network, are not part of your future… they ARE your future!


July 30, 2012

The world has shifted from a Time & Effort economy, to a Results economy.

Your time & effort has no value, but your results do!
Results are sell-able, time is not
. If you want an opportunity, provide value.
Gone are the days where you only had to show up with a beating heart, & a body temperature of 37 degrees.
Today’s business economy demands results!
Will YOU deliver?

Cherie Eilertsen


July 11, 2012

Go get your dream. Hunt it down! If need be, start today, or start over today. The rules have changed. You can be any age when you start up. The user doesn’t care about how old you are… they only care about the value you add. The company that will dominate an area, a niche, an industry, in 2 years time, may not have opened their doors yet. Is that YOU?