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Email for dummies

April 9, 2010

I have been approached by many agents asking for some basic advice on email, what to do to stay out of spam and how to generate the best possible results.
As a result, I have put together a few pointers for to start using every day to try to ensure that your emails arrive at their desired destinations.

1. Use as few capitals as you can in the subject column as this is almost always throws an email into spam. Avoid words like – free, gift, prize, give aways, promotion, survey etc. Also avoid using any punctuation in your subject column.

2. Start your email with Dear / Hi (the person’s name and use a comma). By doing this, the email immediately starts to look like a letter.

3. Remember that email was originally designed for the purposes of sending text only. SMS was designed to provide the same function via cell phones, but with much less text (SMS – short message service). When one starts to add photos / signature strips to one’s emails, it starts to increases the chance of going into spam.

4. Be aware of any attachments you add to your emails (also letterheads and photos in your attachments), as they tend to be stripped from the email if found to be “dodgy”.

5. Avoid using continuous upper case in sentences (capitals only) as this is widely regarded as shouting in email terms, plus it puts your email straight into spam.

6. Use a maximum of five links per email, but even this is too much – limit yourself to about three.

7. When sending many emails out over a short period of time, try emailing 15 people at a time and never exceed 1000 emails per hour.

8. Gmail and Hotmail accounts typically pick up trouble when the recipient is a corporate client as their firewalls block these type of emails. Yahoo emails on the other often go directly into spam. Please note that I am not knocking any email supplier, but giving feedback on past experience with our marketing.

9. Keep the total size of your email under 250kb to be on the safe side. We hope that this will all change with the progress of massive band width coming to SA.

10. Don’t make your words bold, but rather change the font to Arial Black for the same result.

Unfortunately less is more when it comes to emails, so rather stick to boring text as it’s the safest way moving forward.

Cherie Eilertsen