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Happy Holidays

December 15, 2010

We would like to take this opportunity to wish every reader a restful holiday during this festive season.

May you and your family come back next year with all the energy required to have a year filled with abundance. We too, have massive plans for 2011 and hope that you will join us on the adventure.

Our offices will be closed from 15 December 2010 until 10 January 2011.


Cherie Eilertsen

SA Cricket – team fixtures for October

September 30, 2010

These are the Protea’s fixtures for the month of October. Consider including this in your out-going communication.


8th South Africa v Zimbabwe Pro20I Bloemfontein 18:00
10th South Africa v Zimbabwe Pro20I Kimberley 14:30
15th South Africa v Zimbabwe ODI Bloemfontein 14:30
17th South Africa v Zimbabwe ODI Potchefstroom 10:00
20th South Africa v Zimbabwe ODI Benoni 14:30
27th Pakistan v South Africa T20I Abu Dhabi
29th Pakistan v South Africa ODI Abu Dhabi
31st Pakistan v South Africa ODI Abu Dhabi Cherie Eilertsen

Photo tips to draw buyers to a home

September 9, 2010

Selling a home is all about “curb appeal,” or the first impression a property conveys to potential buyers as they pull up in front. A house that looks unattractive reduces the chances of a sale.

These days, a property’s “pix appeal,” or attractiveness in photos posted in online listings, is equally important. A large percentage of potential home buyers use the Internet as their first action when searching for a home. So, your online photographs need to paint the right picture in their minds.

Follow these tips to create professional photos of your property:

Lighten up
For exterior shots, shoot in the middle of the day when the sun is shining & the sky is blue. For interior shots, turn on all the lights and use a flash. The flash adds in all of the correct colours and fills in the shadows, making the room look brighter.

More is better
Homebuyers want to see more than just the front of the house. Buyers also want to get a look at the living room, kitchen, dining room, family room, master bedroom/bathroom and the backyard. Include your residence’s best features, such as a home theatre or an exercise room.

Most Multiple Listing Services allow many photos online. For town houses, include shots of amenities such as a pool, tennis court or gym as this showcases the entire development. If your home has a spectacular view, say of a beach, water, mountains, park or golf course by all means post photos of it as well.

Get a clear shot
Remove clutter from an area before photographing it. Clear counter space and remove fridge magnets, children’s toys, dirty dishes and other distractions. For outside shots, put away refuse bags and remove the car from the driveway. Try not to include telephone poles, wires and other homes in the scene.

Give it your best shot
Quality counts when taking photos, and cell-phone cameras don’t cut it. A camera with a wide-angle lens is ideal, but “point and shoot” digital cameras also do the job.

For a clear photo, place digital cameras on a tripod or something solid so the camera is steady when the shutter goes off. Set the camera on its highest resolution. If you decide to just use the photos online, you can always decrease the resolution. Never use fewer than 72 dots per inch for online photos. If you don’t have a tripod, bend your elbows in towards your body, using your chest as a stabiliser to reduce movement. Consider using a broom in the house as an option to rest the camera on for stability.

Improve a shot using basic photo-editing software. Crop out ceilings or unnecessary background and adjust the brightness or contrast. Taking the photo is the first step, editing is where you take an ordinary photo and make it extra-ordinary.

Cherie Eilertsen

Picture perfect for Real Estate

Build business relationships

April 16, 2010

If business is built upon relationships then we are not in the business of selling houses, cars or computers, but rather the business of building relationships. Our aim should be to build relationships with people that get to know who we are, what we do, that we are successful and where to find us.

Set up systems in your business to capture and care for these vital relationships. Keep in touch, offering valuable, informative information while you push them through your system. Don’t sell to your clients like a pushy salesperson would; rather offer such world-class service that they buy from you. It’s the same result at the end of the day, but the long-term results are different. Protect these relationships because ultimately they are your business (the rest is just stuff).

– Business is built upon relationships
– Relationships are formed by other people’s opinions of us
– We do not have any control over other people’s opinions
– How does one build a business based upon relationships if we cant even control the outcome (their opinions)?

This highlights how fickle relationships are and how we should therefore protect and nurture them.

Cherie Eilertsen