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Typing for your bread

April 20, 2010

You won’t believe it, but I have got into the habit of thinking that when my emails are answered, my Facebook profile is checked for messages and I have uploaded a post on the Blog; then my work is complete. This might apply to you as well…

Most people are inundated with incoming online communication on a daily basis to the point that it can take up much of our working day. Of course it is real work, but are these communications helping you to achieve your goals? If not, change the way you communicate online by directing the conversation towards a sale. If Facebook is just fun stuff for you then change it!

We all know the ABC’s of Real Estate – Always Be Closing. So apply the same principles online as you constantly push people to your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter etc. Link all your communication channels together so that people find you everywhere and close, close, close.

Make use of the “P.S.” at the bottom of all you communication, as it is proved to be the second most read information in a letter other than the heading:
P.S. Visit my Blog for a “how to” document on paying a bond off quicker (many other articles).
P.S. Please find me on Facebook for daily tips on property ownership, networking & more.
P.S. Please visit my website for an overview of the great services I offer in Real Estate.

Conclusion: Convert all your fun online communication habits into useful “nudges” that assist in closing the deal and remember to build your reputation online so that people view you as the expert before they even meet you.

Cherie Eilertsen