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June 2, 2012

The authors of a study due out in the journal “Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Process” have come up with some fascinating findings…. 

Here are the findings: 

The study, described in the Wall Street Journal, discovered that employees with more power tended to be more dismissive of ideas from people with less power, regardless of the quality of their ideas. 

According to the study, people with power have inflated levels of confidence in their own judgments, and so they give less credence to even good input from others. The Pointy-Haired Boss in Dilbert is real, and he is us! 

Note that these same individuals were often less accurate in their final decisions than if they had taken some of the advice given by their “inferiors.”

 Best of all — at least in half of the studies conducted — women were more likely than men to be open to others’ advice. (But at least half of you reading this already knew this) 🙂

 These findings are very important for coaches. You can’t coach managers who are not coachable — and it takes skill to create an environment of coachability. You have to know the conversations to have with your clients, and also how to establish yourself as someone who is credible and on equal footing.

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