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How to Attract Clients

March 10, 2012

To attract clients, you need to know some key skills, including how to: 

Talk about what you do so that prospects see immediate value in your solutions. 

Get visible in your market so that prospective clients perceive you to be a credible expert. 

Educate the market about what you do in ways that has them calling you to learn more. That way, you don’t have to chase them; they come to you. 

– Use low-cost, high-impact ways to attract clients, including using online tactics and social media

Convert interested prospects into paying clients. 

Charge based on your value, so that you don’t fall into the trap of having “low pricing self- esteem” or getting paid hourly rates as a generic. 

 – Simple, but powerful advice. Try it! Don’t ask yourself whether you KNOW this, ask yourself whether you are DOING it. 

This platform gives you the strategies, tactics, and action plan that you need to fill your practice with clients. 

Until next time

Cherie Eilertsen