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What are the top 27 leadership challenges?

May 18, 2012
Here are the top 27 leadership challenges….


1. My people don’t do what I needthem to do. 

2. Our team is not working well together. 

3. My career has hit a plateau

4. I have to lead a huge change initiative and need some guidance and support. 

5. We don’t have enough accountable leaders in our middle management ranks. 

6. I have been told that I have a behavioral blind spot that could derail my career. 

7. My boss/team and I do not click. 

8. We want to develop a strategy, but we don’t agree on how to do it. 

9. We have a strategic plan, but it isn’t being implemented

10. We aren’t innovative enough. 

11. We don’t execute quickly enough. 

12. I can’t seem to get my ideas accepted up, down, and across the organization. 

13. The culture here needs to change

14. I am burning out in my job. 

15. I am wasting time on too many things that are not important. 

16. I am new here and need to learn the culture and politics

17. I need to communicate with more impact

18. I am taking on a new role and want to be sure that I succeed, especially in the first three months. 

19. We need to create a succession plan

20. Our employee turnover is too high. 

21. I am strong functionally and technically, but don’t know how to manage or lead people. 

22. We have cut to the bone, and need to do more with less, and less, and less. 

23. Productivity is low, and this is costing us money. 

24. I want to improve as a leader and am looking for someone who can challenge me to get even better. 

25. We need more collaboration across units. 

26. I need help managing a global workforce, with many cultures and generations. 

27. I need to figure out what’s next for my career, and how to get there

Cherie Eilertsen