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August 21, 2012

Don’t depend on your boss nor the company that you work for, for job security.

You may be on a retrenchment list, after years of loyal service.

Rather, depend on the people who buy what you sell. When this switch happens, you become undownsizable & the Master of your own DESTINY!

Build powerful relationships with your network of clients. Continually add value to their lives until THEY appoint you as their Problem Solver in your field of expertise.

Powerful stuff! Powerful long term results!

Build business relationships

April 16, 2010

If business is built upon relationships then we are not in the business of selling houses, cars or computers, but rather the business of building relationships. Our aim should be to build relationships with people that get to know who we are, what we do, that we are successful and where to find us.

Set up systems in your business to capture and care for these vital relationships. Keep in touch, offering valuable, informative information while you push them through your system. Don’t sell to your clients like a pushy salesperson would; rather offer such world-class service that they buy from you. It’s the same result at the end of the day, but the long-term results are different. Protect these relationships because ultimately they are your business (the rest is just stuff).

– Business is built upon relationships
– Relationships are formed by other people’s opinions of us
– We do not have any control over other people’s opinions
– How does one build a business based upon relationships if we cant even control the outcome (their opinions)?

This highlights how fickle relationships are and how we should therefore protect and nurture them.

Cherie Eilertsen

The sales cycle

April 15, 2010

The sales cycle is divided up into four quadrants, namely:

1. Know
2. Like
3. Trust
4. Close

There are no short cuts here, as this model is based upon relationship building with long-term results.

People must first begin to know you through the ongoing, systematic, repetitive marketing of you as a brand. Face-to-face is important here because the first impression generates an opinion in their minds, which might never be changed.

With time, people get to like you through the effort you put into the relationship. Social styles are important here as you find commonality. The barriers of you being a salesperson start to break down in their minds.

With more effort, these people start to trust you for who you are and not what you have to sell them. The listen to your opinion and see you as an expert.

By the time you have reached this point in the relationship, people are comfortable enough to start showing interest in your business and products. The closing signs come from them as they believe in you and what you have to say.

When (not if) these people buy from you, they will refer their contacts to you as the experience was made “safe” by you following the above sales cycle. This relationship will be lasting and beneficial and they could even become ambassadors of your service in the market place.

Create these kinds of relationships and build a database for life. This is relational databasing at its best.

Cherie Eilertsen