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August 7, 2012

Our paperwork skills used to make us employable in the old bureaucratic marketplace.
In today’s wonderfully interactive, highly networked, & connected world, it is no longer our ability to do paper, that makes us employable, but rather, our ability to do people.
How good are your peoplework skills?
Do you keep in touch, do you keep a database, & do you add value to the lives of the people in your network?

If not, start today. Your people/friends/connections/network, are not part of your future… they ARE your future!


July 30, 2012

The world has shifted from a Time & Effort economy, to a Results economy.

Your time & effort has no value, but your results do!
Results are sell-able, time is not
. If you want an opportunity, provide value.
Gone are the days where you only had to show up with a beating heart, & a body temperature of 37 degrees.
Today’s business economy demands results!
Will YOU deliver?

Cherie Eilertsen