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How to become the Trusted Advisor

February 10, 2012

Today, lets look at the importance of becoming a trusted advisor to your clients.  

Most people don’t want a salesperson.

This surprises many people – especially given that I train people around the world to be salespeople. But it is true, and the reason is that you want to position yourself more powerfully.

 Therefore,  engage in discussions with your clients about their most pressing issues, and position yourself as someone who can help to provide valuable solutions over the long term. Be there to help your clients succeed, both personally and professionally. Be objective,  have no hidden agenda, and  focus like a laser on providing value and support. When your clients know that, they will become willing to open up and share with you, challenges that they would not share with colleagues, teammates, board members, investors, or key employees. 

As a result, your clients stay with you for a long, long time. They set you up to provide solutions to others in their organizations. 

Because you know how to be a trusted advisor, you don’t need many clients to make a great living. 

Try it. 

This frees you up to go from being a solo professional to building a real business that is growing and generates wealth….which you will learn about as we continue these posts

Cherie Eilertsen