Anthony Bernstein from Aida has got it right

Cherie has mentioned Anthony Bernstein’s name throughout South Africa on the recent Cherie Club March 2010 road show. The reason for the mentioning is as a result of Anthony’s new found approach to marketing properties online. Anthony kindly stood up and told the Cape Town audience how he has taken his business marketing to the next level. This is Anthony’s story…

Anthony is using Facebook to market his properties online. He joined Facebook only two months ago and he is already generating results. Facebook is free of charge and the networking potential is limitless. Anthony uploads pictures and descriptions of his mandated homes onto Facebook and uses a link to send to all his contacts. People who are interested in the property click on the link and it takes them straight to his page with the exact home advertised. Anthony is already being contacted from people throughout the world.

Additionally, Anthony is communicating with other agents via Facebook to create a referral system online. He collects names and contact numbers where ever he goes and he continuously encourages people to join and visit him on Facebook.

Over-and-above his Facebook profile, Anthony has created a grouping, which is linked to him. The grouping is a Facebook business page, which allows people to join and read the regularly updated content. Anthony links websites, informative property articles and adds his own knowledge weekly on the Facebook grouping page. The grouping is called Property Networking Group and all are welcome to join it. His membership is growing rapidly and the feedback is positive.

So, in just two months Anthony has taken much of his marketing to an international level for free through the power of Facebook, and its working for Anthony. Congratulations Anthony and keep pushing the boundaries!

Anthony welcomes all to find him on Facebook.

One Response to “Anthony Bernstein from Aida has got it right”

  1. cheriepower Says:

    Hi Queen, please feel free to find him on facebook. I cant make him a friend of yours from my side. It has to be requested by you.

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